Texas Steel Props




  • Highlander related sword both screen cast and replica.
    • H1 actual, First Tatsu, Mentor, Genai
    • Kurgan Sword, Kurgan sword suitcase
    • H2 actual
    • H3 Actual, Third Tatsu
    • Dark Magic




Round shields custom painted

  • hero paint scheme

    Classic style shields custom painted

  • hero paint scheme
  • family crest
  • company logo



  • Leather Mask    
  • Leather forearm gauntlents
  • Batman, vamp braces
  • Hero jackets
  • Kurgan Skull helmet Helmet
  • Special requests?
  •  Traditional Tsukas and Tsubas sold loose



About Us

Texas SP&R is a small group of talented and like-minded individuals. Brought together by Daryl Kyle, they work to make the things we all wanted as children, that ray gun, those boots, that sword, that mask... 

When we were growing up we all had that feeling of excitement and power at seeing 
our favorite hero walk onto the screen, with a great wardrobe, and even better tools 
and weapons. We want to bring that feeling back, when you contact us to make your 
special item, we include you from start to finish, and when you open the package, 
reach in and pull out you prize, we want to guarantee that there will be a huge smile across 
your face… just like when you were a kid.

I can attest to the quaility of work and the quality of man that he is. I ordered a cap shield from him and he didnt send it to me until it was dead solid perfect. I love it......
snakeeyes316.... RPF

Daryl would continually update me on the progress of the sword. I would send him photos that I took off the HL blu ray to help where I could with accuracy, and he would take it under consideration. He would then send me photos of his progress! 
BeLikeWater... RPF

He-Man MOTU movie sword project