Working close in hand with Davis Merchandising, we were asked by Peter Davis to produce the ultimate Xena Chakram, so we did all three versions. These are officially licensed and high end products, turned on 6axis lathes from solid blocks of aluminum. This guarantees a flawless polish and paint. Each one is hand painted, each shell (imported from NZ) is hand filed and placed into their slots. These Chakrams are done in house by TexasSPR and quality controlled by both Daryl and then By Peter Davis. Besides the shells, these are 100% made in America by Americans. These will be offered soon on the Legendary Heroes site. ​

Ever since I saw the film ‘King Arthur’ with Clive Owens, I have wanted that films version of Excalibur. I searched high and low for one and after several years of misses I decided to do one. Even though we have skilled sculptors and artists here at TexasSPR, Daryl called on a friend and talented artist Jose DE Braga to take on this sword. After several versions were drawn out, Jose and Daryl agreed on this one. It’s not identical to the film, but that’s ok.

chackram of darkness finished​

​finished Chakram of Balance

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