Texas Steel Props


Each handle is made from carbon fiber and high strength resin, making them the strongest handles possible. Every handle is strength tested to 300lbs before being fitted. Each fitting is solid brass, the tsuba’s are water jet and the Meguki retaining screws are hand filed from brass blocks. Each Fuchi is hand carved from solid brass, with a basic design that flows with the swords designs. Each handle is hand weathered for a realistic lifelong age; weathering is a part of the regular package, not extra.

Original Season one TV series production sword

The H1 Mentor with movie accurate tsuba cut from solid bronze plates (not poured pot metal)

Swords from the Highlander Universe

Original H2 cast from Hero sword with weather tsuba cast in bronze

The Jose De Braga Third Tatsu sword with hand carved solid bronze fuchi and meguki

Each base line sword is mounted on a through hardened live, light cutting blade, we do, however, offer any kind of blade you require, from the basic light cutter, to tri-steel folded blades. Cost will vary on blades. Blades are hand picked by our staff and all blades will have your prior approval before fitting.

The Kurgan Sword and Suitcase, cast from production parts

Original highlander connor sword cast from Film hero sword

Dark Sword of Kaine

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